Advantages of NitroBrew

Advantages of "Single Serve NitroBrew Equipment" over "Keg based systems"

Salient Feature NitroBrew Keg based systems
Space saving Occupies about 20 sq. inches on the counter & 10 inches x 5 inches under the counter Occupies floor space of about 6 sq. feet for the kegerator apart from storage space for active & spare cylinders
Ease of installation Only required to connect the compressor to a 5A power socket and the supplied flexible plastic hose between the compressor and charger; takes under a minutes to set up the system Cumbersome and time consuming
Consumables Nil- no need for gas cylinders or cartridges; works on free atmospheric air Requires active and stand-by gas cylinders
Downtime possibility Minimal Possibilities of gas leakages (refrigerant and nitrogen), shortage of nitrogen cylinders etc.
Recurring transport cost Nil To-n-fro on gas cylinders
Power consumption Low- just 1/6th HP compressor connection; power consumed for under 10 seconds per serving of 350 ml Higher depending on kegerator size; power consumption is continuous even in stand-by mode
Simplicity of process Simple- takes under a minute to nitrogenate a serving of any beverage Nitrogenation of cold brew is laborious and time consuming- involves keeping the nitrogenated keg of cold brew under chilled conditions for 24 hours, then attaching this keg to the kegerator and dispensing under nitrogen pressure
Beverage flexibility Can nitrogenate any cold beverage and beverage can be varied from batch to batch Each kegerator can nitrogenate only one type of beverage and typically restricted to coffee and beer; for each beverage a separate keg will be required
Range of beverages Cocktails, coffee, beer, juices, milkshakes, iced-tea etc. - any beverage can be nitrogenated Typically coffee and beer only
Suitability Suitable for outlets which need flexibility in number & range of beverages to be nitrogenated Suitable for outlets which have continous customer demand and where an entire kegeartor can be devoted to coffee or beer
Stock of beverages Low: Nitro upto 350 ml of any beverage on demand without the need for stocking pre-made beverages High: Need to stock at least 5 litres per keg per beverage
Operational cost Negligible Higher
Capital cost Low Higher